shared savings plan

EPI understands that not every organization has the capital to re-invest in energy savings. We can help you advance your green energy programs and savings with no capital investment. EPI's Shared Savings Plan is a simple process that allows you to cover the expense of enhancing your HVAC units with the monthly savings you earn. You start saving month one, with no capital expense up front. Again you receive all the EPI benefits with no cost up front to you whatsoever.


Shared Savings Years 1-4

Shared Savings Years 5+

In the example noted here, the annual energy costs for HVAC is $120,000 ($10,000 Monthly). By saving the business 25% with our EPI Technology we can earn them back $30,000 annually. You keep $150,000 over the first 8 years alone. No other HVAC company or technology earns you more profit as effectively, while making your equipment last longer and run more efficiently.