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Letter from our CEO
Ralph Giannella

Energy Performance International Inc. is committed to improving and advancing HVAC energy efficiency to create a better quality of life in communities across the United States, and beyond. Our clients take us around the world. Whether it is to bring a facility into energy compliance, to help save valuable energy expenses, or to help them meet their carbon emission reduction goals, our clients depend on EPI.

EPI’s unique products and technology has helped numerous companies and government institutions beyond simple energy savings. We help organizations become better assets to their community by drastically reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, and we are proud to be a leader in this field.

Our purpose at EPI is to create a better life by unleashing the potential of our products, our clients, and our communities. We are vested in your energy efficiency goals and we’re vested in a successful outcome.

Ralph Giannella


Mr. Giannella is CEO and co-founder of Energy Performance International Inc. He is a long-time entrepreneur who relocated from New Jersey to San Diego in 1993. Giannella’s entrepreneurial career has spanned several industries over the years including, Banking, Energy Efficiency and Real Estate Development.

Since Founding EPI, Giannella has positioned the company and the EPI Technology as a globally scalable business with offices located around the U.S., Mexico and the Philippines. EPI is currently scaling around the world with franchises and international licenses to qualified entrepreneurs


He was a pioneer in internet banking when he and his partners co-founded Bank of Internet which they took to a public offering in 2004. Today, Bank of Internet, (Renamed Axos Bank – NYSE: AX ) is a leading California based bank with over $10 billion in assets and a market cap of over $1.5 billion. Giannella was also a founding investor in Southwest Bank prior to its acquisition and was a consultant to Goldman Sachs/Genesis Capital.


In his real estate career, Giannella was previously the Chief Real Estate Appraiser for Freddie Mac in Southern California. He started developing real estate in 1995. He has personally bought and sold over $800 Million of real estate consisting of over 2,000 single family homes, large scale apartment buildings, commercial buildings, condominium complexes and luxury homes.     


Giving Back: Giannella has been honored by His Holiness Pope Francis with a Papal Blessing, for his work with the Vatican on The Pietà Legacy Mission. He is active with Wounded Warriors, St. Jude Children's Hospital and has been acknowledged by Smile Train International for sponsoring cleft lip surgery for 283 children in various developing nations. 

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