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“EPI has been very professional, courteous and helpful throughout the process and has offered the benefit of their years of experience with both products and processes to enhance the performance of our HVAC systems. I am pleased to recommend the services of EPI. Please contact me if you have any questions.”

— Don Land, Registered Professional Engineer, University of Nevada Las Vegas


"In the 12 months since we installed the Energy Performance International® HVAC technology at First Council Casino, we have reduced our energy consumption by just under 1,000,000 Kilowatts.  This has translated in to a $67,000 direct energy savings.  Combined with the deferred capital expense we are on track for a 22 month return on investment.  We are installing EPI technology at all of our properties currently.  I would encourage any organization to give EPI a call if you are interested in reducing high utility cost and extending the life of your HVAC system."  

John Lyden, Chief Financial Officer, 7 Clans   


“I first met EPI about a year and a half ago, and I was impressed all the stuff that they have but it wasn’t until I went over to see 7 clans and see the product in action.  It saved them so much money they had an ROI of 18 months.  Just think, they invested $200,000 in in the next ten years they are going to put over a million dollars to their bottom line. This is a product I think that all tribes should look at because it is going to save you money on your air conditioning costs and your electric bills.”

JR Mathews, Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma


Senator Ben Hueso


Energy, Utilities and Communication

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